Gender and Technological Change: Final Essay

Using three different readings from the course, plus one or two articles that you find in newspapers on your own, discuss what you think are the most important and relevant things you learned in this class.

In other words, what insights did you glean (from three class readings of your choosing) and how can you relate those to something that has happened in the past 20 years, or is currently happening (as discussed in one or two newspaper articles)?

Your paper should be between 500 and 800 words and should be passed in as a comment on this post no later than the date designated by the registrar for our final exam. (The final exam schedule will be released by the registrar on Monday November 16th and I will post our exam date here when it has been announced.) Saturday September 12th at 11:30pm. (NOTE: the registrar apparently decided not to assign final exam times to courses that meet online, since we don’t require a room for the exam. So I have made the time to pass in the final exam essay the latest possible to give you the entire exam period to work on it.)

Remember that your essay should try to argue something new and support it with specific evidence from the texts and the course. Start out with a statement that isn’t obvious—maybe even one you’re not too sure about—and see if the evidence holds as you write, altering your argument as needed as you go along. Try to tell your readers something we wouldn’t have known or understood before reading your essay, even if we’d done all the same readings. Try to surprise us—maybe even yourself—with your new insight.

Note: Please LEAVE AN EXTRA LINE of space (hit ‘return’ or ‘enter’ twice) after every paragraph, because this system strips out indents and your paragraphs will run together in one solid block of text if you don’t leave an extra line. Also, your paper will not be visible as a comment immediately after you post it because I have to read and approve them. Because this website, unlike our class discussion board, can be viewed by anyone on the web, I will only make your post visible if you give me permission to do so–please let me know in your post if you do or don’t want me to make your post visible online. And, you can choose a pseudonym for your screen name–you do not have to use your real name. I will identify you by the email address you enter (use your iit email address–it will only be viewable by me and will not be made public).

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