The Digital History Lab at Illinois Institute of Technology is headed by Assistant Professor Marie Hicks. Participants in the lab include undergraduate students in Humanities Department classes and graduate students in the Humanities Department. The lab is primarily a teaching resource that focuses on enabling students to create humanistic digital products and projects both inside and outside of class, by using history as a tool to understand contemporary social and technological issues.

The lab has access to both physical and digital teaching and research tools. Most of the physical equipment belongs to the Humanities Department and is held in Galvin Library. These devices are checked out to students who have prior permission from a Humanities faculty member at the main Galvin library desk. These resources include equipment for creating podcasts and documentaries, such as digital audio recorders, video cameras, and tripods. Some physical resources are held by the Humanities Department office in Siegel 218–such as a production-quality videocamera–and can be used under the supervision of Humanities faculty. Graduate students trained on this equipment may also have the option to use it independently.

The lab’s digital resources are collected on this website, and in the library guides referenced on the homepage. Many of these resources are sample exercises and projects that have been the outcome of collaborative work with undergraduate students.

The Digital History Lab exists to foster collaborative historical inquiry by IIT students as well as to highlight and preserve the humanistic contributions produced by students using new tools and new approaches to the study of history.

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