Cholera in history (and the problem of how we know what we think we know)

Assignment: Using what you’ve learned in class as context, search the historical London Times database for the 4 most important or interesting articles you find on the history of cholera and industrialization in the UK in the 18th and 19th c. In a short essay (300-600 words) explain the historical significance of the articles you chose, focusing on telling us how your chosen articles show change over time and what new insight they help lead us to. Make sure you reference your sources using either MLA or Chicago manual of style guidelines–your sources are an important part of this assignment so it should be clear exactly where you’re getting your information and historical evidence from. As discussed in class, try to focus on non-obvious or less-obvious insights, supporting your claims and arguments with archival evidence from the London Times. Whenever possible, try to talk about change over time, not just one static moment in time.

Essay is due in a comment posted on this entry (see below) by January 30th at 9pm. NOTE: Please leave an extra line of white space (press “enter” twice) between your paragraphs–the system strips out indents and your paragraphs will run together in one big block of text if you don’t leave an extra space.

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