Nutty Slack and Killer Fogs

Your assignment in class today is to use the two article packets that you’ve been given to write a short (no more than 500 word) essay–one per group. When you’re done, “pass in” your essay by posting a comment on this blog entry.

Your essay should have a clear argument about what kind of change over time you are able to ascertain by looking at the primary sources you’ve been given. It should also try to tie in overarching themes that we’ve seen in class so far, as we’ve studied the period of industrialization on up to the mid-20th century. Ultimately, we’re trying to write a short account of why this disaster matters and how it “worked”–how it impacted and influenced people at the time both physically and intellectually (through what they read).

Be mindful of the dates on the articles you’ve been given–these are clues for how to assemble your narrative.

While you’re writing, think about how you would present your findings to the rest of the class in an concise oral presentation (no longer than 5 minutes). Your presentation should tell the rest of the class what novel insight(s) you’ve come up with from the evidence in the group-specific “second” packet of articles that you got.

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