Interpreting a Disaster: Public and Private Knowledge

For February 29th: Find 5 historical news articles from the Times of London on the Windscale disaster, anytime between the 1950s and 1970s. Compare them with what we know today,
and look at the speed with which information was (and wasn’t) made available. Write a narrative of what a reasonably informed member of the public would have thought about Windscale, and the safety of nuclear power, on the basis of what you find.

Search not only on Windscale, but on nuclear power, nuclear weapons, etc. and narrow down your searches by looking at specific things you found interesting from the documentary. Length: around 800 words.

Due by February 29th at 10pm, submitted as a comment on this post. (Remember to leave an extra line of white space between your paragraphs so they don’t run together when your indents get stripped out.)

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